Professional Photo Booth

This isn’t some cheap inflatable photo booth! We’re talking $12,000 worth of the latest equipment and technology!

Why does your wedding, reception, corporate or community event need a photo booth?

 Pure, Contagious Fun! We’ve taken thousands of photos in our photo booth and there isn’t one that depicts someone sad or bored. As soon as guests see our photo booth a line forms and the fun begins… we’ve been known to clear dance floors! The laughter and hilarity that ensues inside the photo booth is contagious. Guests let their guard down and next thing you know, Grandma decides to let out her inner Jamaican and wear the dreads. Not everyone will get out on the dance floor, but pretty much everyone will take a session inside our photo booth. Our photo booth has been the hit of every event we’ve been to, from babies to grandparents, everyone has fun.

 Keepsake for your guests. These days anyone with a smartphone can take a photo anytime, anywhere. But, there is something about the nostalgia of a photo booth and the fact that you receive an actual, physical photo strip. Your guests will take home a pocketful of photos and put them on the fridge or even in frames. Each package includes a custom photo strip graphic, tailored to your specifications, by our in-house graphic designer. Your guests will easily remember how fun your event day was for years to come.

 Digital copies for you. Our photo booth saves each photo taken as an individual file. Within just a few days after your event, we’ll send you a link to download every single photo that our booth captured. Then you can share these on social media, perhaps make some prints or use some for your next Christmas card.



Made from the highest-grade steel, our canopy booth system houses the freestanding photo tower, that turns it into a complete Photo Booth with enclosure that fits up to 10 adults. Our professional photo booth services include:

 IntelliTouchscreen internal Monitor

 CANON EOS Rebel T5i 18MP 1080p HD DSLR camera

 Integrated LED white lighting bar

 LED color changing lights to match your event

 Green screen backdrop with custom or branded background

 Open air or enclosed booth available

 Auto posting to Facebook to increase page likes

 Includes tons of props (hats, boas, glasses, silly signs etc.)

 Fast digital sublimation photo strip printer, or go digital and $ave

 Branded 4×6 or 2×6 photo strips printed on-site

 Hollywood style red carpet will make your guests feel like celebrities

 Sets up / tears down quickly & quietly so your event is never interrupted

 External monitor to display sponsor or event logos, video etc.

 Professional booth butler/attendant for the entire duration of our stay



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