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Your vendor directory listing is absolutely free of charge and included with your registration for Petawawa Showcase.  Your listing and any extra add-ons purchased will remain active until January 1, 2025. Sales are final; there are no refunds for partial term.

Please download the app and check your listing details. Submit the form below to request edits to your directory listing or to let us know that your current listing is fine as-is.


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Optional Add Ons

Add-ons expire with your directory listing on January 1, 2025. Ad creative is included in price.

Add a link to your website. Leave the link in the previous step. $5/mo

Add a 5 second, full page ad in front of your own directory listing. $25/mo

Add a 5 second, full page ad in front of your entire listing category (only 1 per category available). $50/mo

Send a push notification once per month to all users that have downloaded the app. $50/mo

App Feedback

Share problems, glitches, thoughts and ideas for future releases of this app.

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