• Sell Me This Pen

    One of the tops reasons that turns people away from being a sales person, the fear of rejection. But it is never anything personal, so why do some sales people take it more personally than others?

    Maybe they have quotas to meet, or maybe they just thought the person did not like them and that is why they did not buy. For some buyers that may actually be the reason why they do not buy from you, but they probably did not need to anyways.

    Jordan Belfort, stock market millionaire by the age of 26 and a federal convict by 36. That is what you will see on the cover of his book “The Wolf of Wall Street”. Now in no way do I support the stock market fraud and money he was able to suck out of innocent people, but he was an entrepreneurial icon to so many people during his rise and after his fall.

    The single most important reason why he was as successful as an entrepreneur was because he knew the audience he wanted to target. He targeted the rich. Belfort wanted to make lots of money and he was investing people’s money. What do rich people do? Invest. The rich want to get richer and of course Belfort knew that. In the movie where Leonardo DiCaprio plays Mr. Belfort, you hear this brought up twice, “sell me this pen”. People generally respond to the question with an answer you’d expect; “Well it is a really nice looking pen” “the pen writes really smoothly” “this pen is the best pen”. Belfort started doing speaker conferences for sales people and business professionals. The first thing he would ask someone in that situation; "How long have you been in the market for a pen?" Right away he knows if he can sell to them.

    This correlates with any product or service. Proper business etiquette means selling to people that need something. At GallantMEDIA we don't sell products or services to people that don't need it. We would never hard-sell you in to an e-commerce website if all you need is something static. Every business needs a website, corporate branding and marketing materials. Our job is to set businesses up with products that best reflects the professionalism of their organization. These days when people are buying a product, the first thing they do is research it on Google. With a few clicks of the mouse we can find everything we want to know about a particular product or service, including which businesses carry that product in our local area. Before we leave the house we already know where we're going to buy that product or service. In this day and age, people will not take a business seriously if they are not on the web.

    If you own a business and need a website, you know where to come. We will make it a painless process for you so you can focus on your business.

    Have questions or need help with your marketing and promotion? Give us a call today: 613.629.2179 or toll free at 888.646.2179

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