• The Perfect Bride & Groom

    "Meeting with your wedding vendors individually before booking services is so very important."

    Meet Justine and Scott, our perfect bride and groom. What makes this couple THE perfect Bride and Groom? Well, along with their gorgeous smiles and inviting personalities they are also great planners. Many couples will search for a Wedding Coordinator to manage this aspect along with the stress of finding and booking the venue, Catering Company, DJ, Decorator and so on. These couples are still at risk of experiencing issues that can affect the proceedings of their wedding ceremony and reception!

    Unless a couple takes a certain amount of responsibility for coordinating their own wedding, there will always be that risk. Unfortunately, Company's that solely offer wedding coordination services have become obsolete as more and more events require a smaller budget and more wedding vendors are including coordination services in their contracts.

    What does this mean? Many couples have no idea that the majority of wedding professionals will include coordination services at no extra cost. This means that instead of calling and scheduling a consultation with an event coordinator who charges for their services and then skims a percentage from each wedding vendor, our perfect Bride and Groom go to a recommended wedding business like a Bridal Boutique, Decorator, Venue Operator or yes, even an entertainment company like Maximum EVENTertainment.

    Many couples have no idea that the majority of wedding professionals will include coordination services at no extra cost. This means that if you find the right Decorator, she/he should also include a floor plan for ease of DJ and Catering setup. Your decorator may also take the lead in teeing up with your other vendors to ensure everyone is on point, however the perfect Bride and Groom understand the importance of meeting with all involved vendors at the venue before the day of the Wedding. This allows for 100% confirmation that the event will go off and that all involved in making it flow are in the know.

    This style of coordination saves hundreds of dollars and still ensures that every individual working behind the scenes can do their jobs effectively. Want even more assurance?

    Introducing the perfect Wedding Party!

    "They work out timing and music with the DJ weeks in advance."

    Our Wedding party knows the importance of helping the Bride and Groom in many little ways. The Best Man and Maid of Honour offer their voices for speeches of course, One of the Brides Maids agrees to coordinate the Bridal Party entrance with the DJ by text message and the Groomsmen all decide to perform a dance compilation or musical performance in honour of the Bride and Groom. They work out timing and sound requirements with the DJ weeks in advance.

    Although choosing one experienced vendor to spear head coordination is a great way to ensure all involved are well informed, it does not take away the fact that a Perfect Bride and Groom are responsible for their perfect wedding. Did you meet your DJ, Caterer or Photographer before your special day? Would you invite someone to your wedding you've never met before?

    Meeting with your wedding vendors individually before booking services is so very important.

    I would like to invite you to email me at max@maximumeventertainment.com or call me at (613) 639 3688 so that we can schedule a free consultation in our Pembroke or Trenton offices, or in your home.

    At our consultations I can recommend wedding vendors who value quality and precision planning so that you have options. I can also offer you our professional wedding coordination or event management services at no extra cost should you book our DJ and Photo Booth Services simultaneously. Our team of event coordinators maintain the industry standards as a complimentary serve, ensuring all elements of your festivities go off without a hitch, they also take nothing from the other vendors booked so that everyone serving you and your guests is at their happiest at work.

    Please take notes from our Perfect Bride and Groom. Providing quality events that are as elegant and sophisticated as they are exciting and fun is our product and we hope it is also your goal.

    Visit www.MaximumEVENTertainment.com for more details or visit our Facebook page for reviews and event footage.

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