• Managing Stress in Business Travel

    Fresh out of school and stepping right into the real world workplace has its struggles. Balancing your home life with business travel is very tiring. Business travel is necessary in business but at what expense are employees willing to sacrifice?

    One of the most common issues people are faced with today is stress in the workplace. Now businesses are placing more stress on their workers by making them travel more frequently and these employees get stressed over natural, unpleasant occurrences such as lost time during travel, flight delays and loss of luggage. Women in business that must travel are unhappy with how they fall out of their routines. A big issue for people is not being able to eat as healthy as they would like to.

    Furthermore, the stress of being alone while away on business is tough for those who have families at home especially when they have to leave for long periods of time. In a survey of 1,000 business travelers, 38% said that they have missed important family events because they were required to travel. The most important tip given to help reduce stress from business travel is good pre and post trip planning. To limit stress on business trips here are 8 tips to help, and one tip that I like to think keeps me stress free.

    • Sleep Soundly - nobody likes background noise and bright lights when they are sleeping, so use ear plugs and eye covers when trying to sleep on planes or trains. Make sure you get some comfortable rest while you have the chance.
    • Dress For The Day - if you have a meeting or something that requires you to be in formal attire on the day you are traveling, wear it on the plane. This way if you do lose your luggage you won’t have to show up to your meeting in jeans or try to go buy new clothes in a hurry.
    • Carry Valuables - bring electronics and other valuables with you in your carry on. This way you will always have them and they won’t get damaged.
    • Be On Time - wake up calls and alarm clocks are available in most every hotel. Make sure you are on time for meetings and conferences.
    • Use Business Cards - have these on your luggage so you can be identified.
    • Examine luggage - check your baggage at the airport, once you leave the airport you can’t make a claim for it.
    • Build A Routine - try to stick to your normal routines as far as sleeping patterns and eating times.
    • Organize Your Time - use the same filter system as you would in the office. Talk to the people you know you need to talk to and stay within your schedule.

    Last but not least, my secret to being stress free on the road is being adventurous. Go out and enjoy where you have traveled to; try a new restaurant, visit a landmark, take in a show. You may only get to visit an area or city once, so do not let it pass you by!

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