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    Did you know that we all have callings? I believe a calling is simply a profession or occupation that brings joy to others and fulfills us personally.

    We all have skills and talents that we were born with or have acquired through growth and over time. However a calling, to me, is something extra special. Our callings can inspire, define and sustain us. This is how I describe working as a professional mobile DJ. For me it is the most rewarding career I could imagine.

    Not only is it my responsibility to learn as much as I can about music, it is also my job to find out as much as possible about you. The more I get to know my clients leading up to an event, the more I can prepare to serve them and their guests. The greater a connection I develop with the crowd during the event, the better I can read them and deliver a performance that will keep them dancing. Simply put, the DJ business is just as much about people as it is about music. Which is why I often use the hash-tag "OneLuckyDJ" on social media.

    Not only do I love to entertain a crowd and feel that rush as the celebration builds. I also love to consult with clients such as a Bride and her Groom. It feels great being able to puta party planner's mind at ease as we plan out their music and entertainment together. The conversation is always exciting. The client's eyes light up, ideas start flowing and I get the pleasure of encouraging their creative side.

    At the end of our first meeting I will remind you that I am at your service. I say this because I mean it. From the moment you contact me with an inquiry I am here to help. Once you have booked our services for your date I can be reached by phone call, text message, email and even Facebook messenger. You can rest assured that at any time leading up to your event I am available to discuss your requirements. I also include a personal on-line account for every client where you can constantly update your event plans, song choices, itinerary, announcements and so on.

    If you meet with a DJ who does not love what he does...run! My name is DJ MAX from Maximum EVENTertainment and this is my first blog post to let you know that I love what I do!

    You can contact me anytime by emailing max@maximumeventertainemnt.com or calling 613 639 3688. Or check out our past events at Facebook.com/maximumeventertainment. You can also visit our website at MaximumEVENTertainment.com. Maximum EVENTertainment is fully licensed and insured as well so please do not hesitate to contact me and book a free consultation in our Pembroke or Trenton offices.

    I look forward to serving your unique event entertainment needs!

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